Cassandra and I,we've always hated each other,but....

"Listen,Meme!You can't play zero!

"Cassandra,I'm going to kick you out of this game if you don't shut your mouth."

"Hmmph.Do as you wish!"

I kicked her out with my Admin commands.

Who was she to tell me what to do?

Anyways,I got out of Adopt and Raise a baby.I told her I was going to play the game zero,by bharati. She told me to stop,and listen to her once,but I wasn't in the mood for her.Little did she know this Sunday was March 18th,and,I wanted to ace up my horror game.

"Better late than never."I chuckled to myself.

I clicked on the game zero and entered the game. About 5 players were there,so,I was sure I was supported.

I rested my mouse on the chat button and typed in,"This game's a fake,guys!"

Oh,what a mistake I did!

A player named 1x1x1x1 suddenly joined.

I laughed.Dude,more fakes!

"Hey",I told 1x."Stop stealing people's names."

No response.

Well,certainly not what I'd expect from a fake!

How idiotic could I get?

Then,(it)typed in "folllow;'/"

I shrugged.I followed him and I saw a trap-door.

This was getting weirder by the moment.That wasn't there before.Then,I spotted 3 slots.

Ah,so that must be the secret submitter!

We both fell in and I saw something.

I read it.

And it still scares me.......

Part one finished.......

(This isn't real,don't freak out.But,you can check the game for yourself.)