Tawagoto Kasshoku is a secondary character of Akame Zero.


Tawagoto Is a weird looking person said by Subaru, he has brown hair and brown eyes, he wears a blue and orange shirt, his uniform is a white dress shirt with black pants.


Tawagoto is a ugly/disgusting-looking person said by Aiko, He has a weird personality, he likes to goof around and loves to eat caramel and chocolate.


February 13th the first day of school for Subaru. Rumor goes around that there's a new student, Once Subaru walks in everybody crowds his desk and that's were Tawagoto shows up to greet Subaru they talk during lunch with a group of boys in Class F about Subaru coming one days before valentines. On February 14th Tawagoto cries that he is unpopular and two girls give him chocolate, but they take it and give it to Subaru.

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