Subaru Tachibana
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Age 14
Race Demon/Spirit
Birthday August 22
Gender Male
Height 152.4 cm (5'3)
Weight 30 kg (68 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Class F Kaori Shirasaki
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Position 1st
Previous Position Unknown
Class Class F
Partner Tatsumi Shiina
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Class F
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandmother
Seraph Izanagi
Magic Black Flames
Manga Vol. 1 Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Subaru Tachibana (スバル橘 Tachibana Subaru) is a high school student and the main protagonist of Akame Zero. Subaru is a Demon sent to the human realm.


Subaru is a lean young man with Hot Pink eyes and Light Brown hair. His normal attire is basically a white tee shirt a gray pair of pants and gray sneakers, sometimes he wears a light grey and orange hoodie with a giant star with his light grey pants and white sneakers, his school uniform consists of a white dress-shirt with black pants, Sometimes he wears his black gakuran.


Subaru, perhaps is a very unpredictable (quoted from himself) a young man who likes to use his brute strength to solve everything and appreciates a good fight. He easily described himself as vulgar or savage, he's shown to be very perverted around Tatsumi. Subaru doesn't really find anything interesting so he only participates in things that are deemed interesting to him, he thinks of it as a challenge.

Subaru's arrogance does not falter but he knows when to back down in a fight, as shown in Episode 4 where he conceded defeat to Kuro, showing his confidence is not just arrogance. One of his more surprising traits is his loyalty and care for his friends, at first apparently being with for the fun of it, he showed a caring nature for the people within Class F and constantly makes plans to improve both Class F and its Abilities. During the Ashura arc, when he saw Kaori heavily injured by the hands of Ketsueki, he flew into a degree of rage that not even his friends have seen before, abandoning all his self-restraints and forcing all his friends to retreat from the area since they would have been caught in the fight as well.

In the end, Subaru is the type to follow his own rules and morals, which includes such lines as "Trample both the strong and the weak." Following this, he is merciless to whomever his opponent is, whether it be a Fairy, comrade, or Demon. He will not forgive anyone who goes against what he believes; during the Ashura arc, when he heard of the details about the cases happening in Kitsune City from Shiro and especially how the criminal only targets children, he immediately decided to voluntarily assist in the capture of said criminal as one of his morals is "A strong power should be used only against a strong opponent." However, because he knows how different his abilities are from the others, he feels that he has no one to depend on and thus often taking on all the burdens himself.

His only rule and main goal in life is "to have fun, and ENJOY life."


Subaru Tachibana is a Class F Member and a Shinigami, He is 60% Demon 40% Spirit, He resides in the Class F Dormitory.

Powers and Abilities

  • ZERO: After Dying in a fight with Seraph, Subaru used ZERO to revive, ZERO is a demonic Authority. It is currently unknown whether Subaru knows he can use ZERO.
    • Demon Form: When Subaru uses his Blue Flames.


  • "We're all like the Stars, Rising, Bright, Colorful, Scattering, and then we disappear "
  • "In this wretched world people are gonna hurt you, You just gotta find those worth hurting for, and to me that's reality"
  • "I made a promise, and I'm gonna keep that promise"
  • "I just killed someone, I killed the person who used to be me"
  • "I'm actually known to be highly unpredictable"


  • スバルの名前がオレンジ色星団を意味します。
  • Though Subaru's Reiki is Orange in the manga but in the anime it's Black and Red.
  • In The Manga when Subaru fought Seraph, There scars and holes through out subaru's body but in the Anime it was HEAVILY CENSORED.


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